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Mistake Demotivational Poster

TRUST - Trust is Like an Eraser... The more Mistakes you Make, the Thinner it Wears

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Rick69 - January 12, 2012, 1:18 pm
Thanks :)
opsCOASTIE - January 12, 2012, 2:39 am
This is one of the best


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Verdeckt - June 25, 2011, 9:42 pm
You sir are too kind.. Non-marked, sequential bills still OK then?
Reality Lord - June 25, 2011, 1:44 pm

you're really getting a nice stash in my fav'd collection
tellitlikeitis - June 25, 2011, 9:43 am
Nice one!
spacedog - June 24, 2011, 9:20 pm
LOL! Beautiful and tragic. 5L

MOST PEOPLE - Would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them .

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Altrunchen - September 28, 2013, 12:52 pm
Most people don't want to realize that they aren't as great as they want to think they are.
Zetmonk - May 4, 2012, 6:59 am
Well now, how do send this to the whole world?
mariand - May 4, 2012, 1:01 am
dude, that's very true...


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COUNTRY WISDOM - A smart man can learn from others mistakes

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Budog - June 24, 2011, 1:52 pm
I wonder if Ray would let us build our own "man shacks" there too?
Budog - June 24, 2011, 1:49 pm
It's kind of like sleeping on the couch, camping with TV. Got my beer, got my dogs, hell I actually like it...
Sooldman - June 24, 2011, 12:29 pm
If you got cable IT DON'T MATTER!


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More motifakes by Airman

GreyScorpion - December 8, 2010, 8:23 am
"walk softly, and swing a big d!ck" 5L
agdaniele - December 7, 2010, 7:32 pm

ROOKIE MISTAKE - Letting the wife park the car.

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Sarahallridge2004 - November 3, 2011, 11:08 am
Memory One!!!! :-D
mariand - November 3, 2011, 2:16 am
nice one


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More motifakes by agdaniele

thecrotchetyoldcynic - December 18, 2013, 11:52 am
Who'll in "good" humor, use a scissors. Sure, she may not have lips any more, but those wishing to make duck face will think twice.... Full blooded Sicilian, can't you tell? Lol. But no seriously. . .
steph1 - February 24, 2011, 10:11 am
yea right, order online and get some the really hot UPS chicks to deliver - clever - why getting up form the sofa
Faceplant31 - February 24, 2011, 9:29 am
Brilliant! Now if they could just make a medicine to stop girls from doing that duck face.

pomposity -

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GaryO - May 29, 2013, 9:04 am
It’s only easy if ya know. And now it’s easy. ty ML, GO’
5150monkeylove - May 28, 2013, 11:41 pm
easy... poster number at the bottom, copy, paste and hit enter
GaryO - May 28, 2013, 11:23 pm
Hey, thanks ML. I need to learn how to flaunt some of the ones I’ve seen. That’s a pretty cool feature.
5150monkeylove - May 28, 2013, 9:47 pm
AHA!!! I flaunted it as a topper to the cake.
GaryO - May 28, 2013, 9:03 am
Hey, thanks, guys. And, yes Missy, we think alike. Cheers
Silverheart - May 28, 2013, 2:17 am

I 5d, faved, FBd too. Owls are cool like that.
5150monkeylove - May 28, 2013, 1:08 am
5L, added to favs, shared on FB... I still feel it isn't enough for this poster. This is AMSOME! (yes, I said amsome and meant it)
MissPriss - May 28, 2013, 12:00 am
lmao...the poster is great but the laugh is knowing about the only thing you'd do with an egg is crack it and then fry it...teehee nice 5L giggle.
Sho - May 27, 2013, 8:24 pm
Greeny - May 27, 2013, 7:40 pm



RED HEADED STEPCHILDREN - No matter how buff you get they are still going to make fun of you. Stick with the funny.


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Hawamleh - September 19, 2010, 9:51 am
An Actual Complement, I'm Flattered, thanks.
Claire - September 17, 2010, 11:53 pm
Not bad.


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MISTAKES - I've had so much fun learning from them, I think I will make some more


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More motifakes by ronsart

Woodywood03a - January 21, 2010, 4:24 pm
Join the club my friend.
Cubbybear - March 27, 2009, 12:20 am
Story of my life....

ACCOMPLISHMENT - Success will not come to you You make your way to it

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rerun - December 14, 2010, 8:13 pm

can post to motitwist as well.

FASHION FAUX PAS - Are you kidding? White socks with those FABULOUS loafers???

DRIVE - Practice makes perfect

SOME PEOPLE... - Are oblivious to their own wrongdoing.

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VinceVicious - July 10, 2009, 4:52 pm
...2009 "cap-and-trade" energy bill that's probably going to be passed or the national healthcare bill on the horizon. Or the myriad of other negative things BHO has done.
VinceVicious - July 10, 2009, 4:47 pm
...wasn't all that wonderful of a president. He made some good decisions and some bad decisions. But he was no where near as detrimental to the USA as BHO is. And the country IS going down the tubes. Apparently not enough people have heard about the
VinceVicious - July 10, 2009, 4:44 pm
Yes, the picture is shit. Hence Obama is in it. The poster however is not, although I'll admit it's not demotivational... except to Liberals. As for the argument between LogicDude and hermes, I mainly agree with LogicDude. However, I believe that Bush
ThisPictureIsShit - May 25, 2009, 7:47 pm
Will someone please get rid of these stupid-ass wrongly-done ones?
LogicDude - May 23, 2009, 1:22 pm
Americans that is willing to stand in the gap for us, be safe and let your fellow troops know we're praying for them! If you need some quick air support, my Bro is flying Apache's out of Al Kut - just call for "Crash Test Dummy" okay? Out!
LogicDude - May 23, 2009, 1:20 pm
dedication to your country and what it stands for, your family, and your brothers and sisters standing with you in the line. A lot of people are failing to feel that pull to serve and that is truly sad. Thanks again for being one of those truly great
LogicDude - May 23, 2009, 1:18 pm
election - I think McCain was despite all the crap about his age, etc. and Palin as a running mate (VPILF!!!). God bless you for your dedication to your country - you don't join the military because it's a million-dollar job, you join because of
LogicDude - May 23, 2009, 1:17 pm
all the in of W used to make it he changed his position (like the military tribunals and wiretapping). I don't think W was the best, but I DO think he was the best on the ballot for those 2 elections. I don't think BHO was the best on the ballot this past
LogicDude - May 23, 2009, 1:15 pm
Yo Hermes, It's easy to second-guess anyone w/o all the info and anyone who makes it into the White House is going to make decisions that will piss off folks. Decision W made were criticized, but have since been validated by BHO - once he had access to
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:45 am
how he is running the country. This new potus won by a landslide, to me that means the majority of the U.S was not happy with how things were going. god bless and goodluck. Im going back out the wire so see yall later.
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:42 am
well dude I wish all your family members serving abroad and in the homefront all the best. for some of us the military is the only way of life we know and our love for god, flag and country keeps us serving reguardless of who is in the white house and
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:37 am
bail out fredymac and fanymae neo cons praised him when bho bailed out ing they acted like it was a travesty. And as far the bonuses go when you take money from the gvt, you have to do what they say. everyone knows that.
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:33 am
exeption of lincoln. So why o why do neo cons keep gloryfying him and @ the same time pretending to disagree with everything bho does. he has been potus less thansix months and theyre acting like the country is going down the tubes. when ghw decided to
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:26 am
not because he wanted to lead the country into a new great era but because "dady was potus and i want to be like daddy" But bsh senior was a real man with great integrety. In doing this W has been the most devisive potus ive ever heard of with the
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:20 am
but he is in the top three worst. and he fooled everybody to the point that there is these neo con fags putting up posters of him claming he is the greatest thing since jesus. He was and is a dumb un-articulate, spoiled man-child who wanted to be potus
hermes - May 23, 2009, 7:17 am
sorry i meant to say he is afraid of horses and other farm animals. well again i wemt on a rant when all i want to say is he was not the best potus we have had in recent history, he is not the worst, that honor belongs to the peanut farmer.
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:29 am
let's make believe it aint there and maybe it will go away aproach wich has worked so well this far. Have you ever wondered why there are no pics of him on a horse? even thought he owns a ranch because he is afrais of horses yet portrais himself a cowboy
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:29 am
let's make believe it aint there and maybe it will go away aproach wich has worked so well this far. Have you ever wondered why there are no pics of him on a horse? even thought he owns a ranch because he is afrais of horses yet portrais himself a cowboy
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:21 am
were unfavorable he went and passed a family values bill to keep the bible thumpers happy and bring his numbers up. he used these folks as political pawns. Refused to do anything about the economy in the early stages of the resecion choosing instead the
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:16 am
Nuclear incorectly, seemed to be un able to get trough a speech without geting tounge twisted or butchering even the most common of quotes (fool me once shame on me, fool me twice........duh.... you aint foolin me again). Any time the polls
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:10 am
but his wife is pro-choice, and his 2 girls are very obviously not religious at all. wich goes against the chritian value of "keeping your household". The man has a bachelors in history from yale and an MBA from harvard and he still pronounced the word
hermes - May 23, 2009, 6:05 am
gwb. Lets face it the guy forest gumped his way into office the first time. On his second run for reelection his oppenent ran such a bad campaing that many in my circle of friends thought he threw the election on purpose. He is an alleged christian,
hermes - May 23, 2009, 5:58 am
My statement about our former potus still stands as well. I took your comment the wrong way and went in a weird direction triying to make my point. Like I said before its disturbing the way some people in this forum and others seem to almost worship
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:54 pm
there is very little pity to be had. RESPECT is what I have for you, and that is WAY more valuable than pity. So, from here all I can say is be safe, watch out for your troops (even the officers), and know you have my undying gratitude for your service!
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:53 pm
no one forced me to stay in the military. My question is this: why do people join the military and then act so f*cking surprised when they find out they have to fight in a war? If you have enlisted since 9/11, or - in your case - reenlisted since then,
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:51 pm
sacrifices our valiant men and women make in the service of others. I was seriously injured in a parachute accident (82nd Abn HOOAH!) and suffer from the aftereffects DAILY. My point is I volunteered - more than once when I reenlisted during my career -
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:49 pm
Niece is a SGT in the USMC that has served in Iraq as well. My wife is also a retired Army NCO. My Dad served 28 years in the service and my Father-in-law 26 years. Neither of them were drafted. Divorce, trauma, and death are harsh reminders of the
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:47 pm
in the service on 9/11, everyone else is a volunteer. BTW, my "little" brother is a CW4 Apache pilot with the 1st Cav that just arrived in Iraq for his 2nd tour there. My Niece is a SGT in the 101st that just arrived home from Afghanistan and another
LogicDude - May 22, 2009, 6:45 pm
Hermes, first: Thank you for your service; second: I am a retired Senior NCO - 20 years, 2 months and 2 days - but who was counting? My statement still stands though on the current conflict - there isn't a draft, so with the exception of those who were
Hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:20 am
in closing sorry for all the mispelles and gramar error and sory I called you a dick, Im just sensitive about my math skills. god bless
hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:19 am
clap everytime he belts out a canned line does not mean we like or even agree with him. Most of the troops you see doing that are made to go there by their superiors. We are not necesarily showing respect for the individual but for the position.
hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:17 am
but iwill also give credit where it is due. I will not make believe gwbsh is this infallible hero neo cons make out to be. And there is way more serving who feel how i do than might think. just cause we show up when the potus comes around and smile and
Hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:11 am
Obey the orders of the POTUS & congress wether I liked them or not. IM a M.Fing profesional soldier. I never said or wrote anything bad about GWBsh while he was in office but now he is fair game for critcism in 4 or 8 years i will bash the shit ou
Hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:06 am
standard, Im just a dumb grunt. But I was making a point is the effects that this b.s war is going to have on our generation. In addition I have been in scince 1997. I disagreed with invading I raq from day 1 but i stood in front of the flag and swore to
hermes - May 22, 2009, 6:03 am
many have and will beaffected later on due to their experiences here. From suicide to divorces. There have been 3 people here whose mariages fell apart so far, and thats just the ones I know of. So i am sorry if my math or literary skills are not to your
hermes - May 22, 2009, 5:59 am
Im in Iraq Right at this moment serving in an infantry unit. I take time to comment here between missions. Have you served at all "logicdick"? I may have mis used the term but in addition to the men and women who served & die in the field think a
LogicDude - May 21, 2009, 10:28 am
And unlike the past major conflicts we were in, this past one had no draft. Other than those in the initial operations (2001-2003) who may not have had time to get out, everyone else who has gone has done so VOLUNTARILY.
LogicDude - May 21, 2009, 10:26 am
A "generation" of young people? You really, really do suck at mathematical concepts, don't you? Even counting those injured in OEF/OIF, there have been less than 100,000 casualties. There were more than that on D-Day in 1944. Generation? Not even close.
hermes - May 21, 2009, 7:26 am
i think he means bush as in pussy. Like the pussy who sent a generation of young people to die based on intel he knew was faulty/ unreliable. get it? P.S dont you have a job?
Mark - May 20, 2009, 12:03 pm
MrRandom - Would that be a Mulberry bush you're referring to? Please make the punctuation corrections to your comment and then return it here for half credit you half wit.
MrRandom - May 20, 2009, 4:15 am
Unlike bush who was just oblivious



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More motifakes by agdaniele

Ed-Hyde - August 2, 2010, 7:09 am
Classic. 5 Guinness drinkin' poodles



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More motifakes by ronsart

Sean - October 4, 2009, 11:19 pm
*[email protected] productions
Sean - October 4, 2009, 11:18 pm
If you like true demotivational posters, check out despair.com and also a website called [email protected] productions. The posters there aspire to be true demotivators. Hope that helps.
RON - October 4, 2009, 10:52 pm
thx Mr. Temp.
temp - October 4, 2009, 10:42 pm
But to all posters (n.), don't stop what you're doing. At least one person, somewhere thinks your poster is funny. Even if it never makes it past the moderator.
temp - October 4, 2009, 10:40 pm
Based on the artistic style and content of real motivational posters, this is a TRUE de-motivational poster. One of the few I've seen on this site. There is plenty of funny stuff on here, but i consider this a true de-motivational. Just my opinion.
Shithead - April 26, 2009, 2:05 am
It's great how everyone on this site jerks ron off for absolutely nothing. Its even better when everyone on this site rages when someone states an opinion that isn't parallel with their own. Seriously though, ronsart I hope you don't quit your day job..
RON - April 26, 2009, 12:38 am
Poophead knows what I think of him...must be boyfriend junkie of exwife...lol Thanks everyone of you for positive comments...appreciated very much! Th
WTFO - April 26, 2009, 12:04 am
these hate-filled Timmies: Fuck the fucking fuckers!
WTFO - April 26, 2009, 12:04 am
Ron, I don't get why you are being attacked so blindly. This one is totally in the demotivational line. I have a favorite word because it can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, and an exclamation. Let me use that word as advice when dealing with
LogicDude - April 25, 2009, 11:18 pm
Rerun...I was just "seconding the motion" as it were and agreeing with you. Definitely wasn't saying that to you...you are a healthy participant in this Motifake madness we call a website. ;-)
Motifake Wit Liberation Front - April 25, 2009, 10:40 pm
This is one of the better demotivational posters ever made, and anyone who says different just doesn't get it. Perhaps the timmies should go back to playing pokemon.
rerun - April 25, 2009, 8:15 pm

LD - My comments were not directed at you...they were directed at Shithead...but you do offer excellent advice.
LogicDude - April 25, 2009, 6:26 pm
Put up or STFU. Make some funny posters instead of just bitchin' or GTFO.
rerun - April 25, 2009, 2:30 pm

I consider myself as part of the "inner circle: and I don't have any top 10 motifakes, thus your argument is full of shit, as is your name.
agdaniele - April 25, 2009, 1:36 pm
Based on Alex and Pit-head's contributions to the motifake "pool" it's safe to say that any insult to Ron's posters is, in fact, a compliment. If someone who loves Taco Bell compliments your lasagne, is it really going to be a point of pride?
Shithead - April 25, 2009, 10:47 am
I agree with Alex. I'm also getting tired of the 'inner circle' of motifake, where about 60% of all top rated motifails are made by about 5 people. What's worse is that they aren't even funny, they're just stupid inside jokes or serious motifakes.
Sean - April 24, 2009, 11:02 am
This is a first rate parody, and to be a parody it has to resemble its target as much as possible.
Sean - April 24, 2009, 11:01 am
Alex, Ron has taken a cliche "Stepping stones to ..." "Success" "Financial Security" etc. and flipped it around entirely. So the jaunty way that cliche reads to those who are all too familar with it takes you to the opposite of RON's punchline: failure.
Alex - April 24, 2009, 10:55 am
When will you get out of this site ? This is motifake, for fake motivationals, if you want to post oh so deep motivators go somewhere else!
RON - April 23, 2009, 10:10 pm
THANK YOU SIRS! I have to many RON haters to have any poster stay on any level...slowly but surely...down voted...reason have others on top..done by hackers way back when...but do really appreciate comments and votes...ur good men...now get back to work!
agdaniele - April 23, 2009, 8:48 pm
Sean - April 23, 2009, 8:05 pm
Not just good. Great.
Haarakkon - April 23, 2009, 7:58 pm
I agree. This is good. So why isn't it even on the top-rated page?
Canuck - April 23, 2009, 12:20 pm
woohoo just what's been missing!
mooooooooooooooo - April 23, 2009, 11:54 am
I agree with Cubby. This is what this site is all about.......5 Lions
Cubbybear - April 23, 2009, 11:47 am
Truly a demotivator...thanks Ron for making my day...LOL

delusion -

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More motifakes by Sho

Reality Lord - August 5, 2013, 8:07 am

this is beautiful. art.


MISTAKES - Why do I keep making the same ones over and over again...Maybe until I succeed

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More motifakes by ronsart

Sean - April 13, 2009, 8:17 pm
If your heart's not in it, use someone else's.

Exoneration -

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More motifakes by JesusWept

JesusWept - August 18, 2014, 4:41 pm
I don’t quite follow you, but thanks for the 5 ;)
MissPriss - August 18, 2014, 1:55 am
Was that before or after the 5L death penalty?

Where In the world is Carmen San Diego? -

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More motifakes by mizzdizz

Silverheart - January 18, 2015, 9:06 am

That's Alucard, from Hellsing anime. Almost makes you feel sorry for those poor fools that have him surrounded
EmilioDumphque - January 18, 2015, 2:53 am

First Impressions -

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More motifakes by MissPriss

MissPriss - November 20, 2013, 4:27 pm
I think I may still have my little guys nose.
lgvernon - November 20, 2013, 4:21 pm

Ah, Priss~~I once interviewed a woman who kept a human hand on her desk.

MISTAKES - An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.

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More motifakes by suzieq



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More motifakes by 5150monkeylove

5150monkeylove - October 12, 2011, 9:43 pm
If it's cancelled they will just rehash the tape and use it for "when good farmhands go bad"
Mooooooooooooooooooo - October 12, 2011, 5:56 pm
When the Moooooooooon hits yer eye like a big.............................
Sean - October 12, 2011, 4:27 pm
I heard that show got cancelled. Please tell me I heard wrong. Please.

BEING HUMAN MEANS MAKING MISTAKES - Making mistakes means making babies Making babies means not using a condom Not using a condom means being human

HALLOWEEN - It was all great until your buddy came over with Popov vodka in a Absolut bottle....

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More motifakes by 50cal

MULLIGANS - Isn't the greatest golfer in history owed at least one?

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More motifakes by Jmac0585

agdaniele - December 9, 2009, 7:38 pm
If you really care about Tiger's personal life, you should be his back 9.
Derek - December 9, 2009, 3:41 pm
It appears he's had seven... but it's more likely to be eighteen.
CANADA - December 9, 2009, 3:06 pm
Me_ - December 9, 2009, 12:06 pm
Proof that all women have a price. No matter who they are or what they look like. Its all about the paper.


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More motifakes by giulio

SherlockHolmeboy - November 25, 2009, 6:43 pm
Sucks to be them!
Smallfry - August 31, 2009, 5:12 am
HAHA! No fucking way!

SPELLING - U lrn thiz in da fist grad.

CHAD KROEGER - Sometimes mistaken for Kurt Cobain. How I don't know.

Seriously -


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More motifakes by Cubbybear

Cubbybear - November 24, 2010, 9:16 pm
Faceplant31 - November 24, 2010, 12:58 pm
Nice one cub.


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More motifakes by lgvernon

lgvernon - June 4, 2013, 6:46 pm

Thanks, Cynic! I love hammering old jokes into another shape.
thecrotchetyoldcynic - June 4, 2013, 1:33 pm
I've heard this many times. However, it's the different pictures that people choose to go along with the caption is always cracking me up. 5L


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More motifakes by Sean

lesterinside - March 11, 2010, 8:31 pm
Great Sean. 5 beautiful sunsets
spacedog - March 11, 2010, 6:12 pm
Wonderful, 5Ls.
Sho - March 11, 2010, 2:06 pm
Woot, Sean is back ^^
agdaniele - March 10, 2010, 10:52 pm
It doesn't happen often enough anymore.
MrRandom - March 10, 2010, 10:49 pm
Its a good night when I come online and Sean has made another poster. Another 5er.

MISTAKES HAPPEN - Just ask your parents. Go on.


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More motifakes by giulio

what? - June 19, 2009, 3:34 am
i was supposed to comb my hair to the left all this time???
familyghost - May 17, 2009, 8:54 pm
I find this extra funny cause I was introduced to Heavy Metal and Trip Hop by a Jehovah's Witness.

KIRBY - Don't you think you should reconsider giving him THAT?

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More motifakes by Greeny

mariand - August 19, 2011, 3:30 am


IN PERPETUITY - Your mistakes and missteps frozen forever in the humor of your "friends"

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More motifakes by Chef

Spades - June 9, 2010, 8:39 pm
Ha! I need to know where that statue is! No, wait. I just need to copy the guy in the manhole! :)


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More motifakes by sickartist

Cubbybear - June 29, 2010, 12:47 pm
Fast Times ...FTW 5/5

AFTERTHOUGHT - I should have known not all dogs are fond of peanut butter.

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More motifakes by 5150monkeylove

Reality Lord - September 25, 2010, 4:42 pm

i'de give the icemans caption a 5L on this one....n1 ice!!!!
ICEMAN - September 25, 2010, 12:39 am
You obviously have not used it correctly.

WISH - If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes. Only sooner.

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More motifakes by mitroim

REMEMBER - Your mistakes don't make you But your parent's did

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More motifakes by 5butjam

5butjam - August 29, 2010, 10:03 am
Don't worry RR, just banter, no animosity here I don't reckon, but thanks for the warning.
rerun - August 29, 2010, 10:02 am

OK 5butjam & TTH, knock it off, take it to PM's if you must. But enough out of both you unless both of you want some time off.
5butjam - August 29, 2010, 9:59 am
I was, I've been terribly irresponsible all weekend I'm afraid. Anyway, I know Trash, just begging to not get bumped down too much, heh'
TheTrashHeap - August 29, 2010, 12:10 am
You MUST be intoxicated tonight 5but. Cruel maybe, but I just tell it like it is. Also I wasn't talking to you.
5butjam - August 28, 2010, 7:10 pm
Oh Trash, forgive me a wrong apostrophe! You can be so cruel sometimes...
TheTrashHeap - August 28, 2010, 7:08 pm
You criticize the poster then give it 5? Some of you new folks will 5 anything won't you! There are lions between 1 and 5 remember.
5butjam - August 28, 2010, 5:10 pm
Cheers Zook
Zook - August 28, 2010, 5:10 pm
oh 5L good job
Zook - August 28, 2010, 5:09 pm
the last line shoulda read "But your parents mistakes did"
5butjam - April 9, 2010, 10:23 am
Heh', I feel good now, just glad to have done something wothwhile at work, the chemicals have got me rather high at the moment... Thank you for your wrist movements, nice to know it's worth possible CTS
forseti - April 9, 2010, 9:59 am
yo, nice one! 5 Letters ;)
5butjam - April 9, 2010, 9:28 am
Ah', thankyou, I've been browsing for quite some time and did this on an impulse, I think demotivational cynicism is fun!
GreyScorpion - April 9, 2010, 9:18 am
me likes! 5L


TAGS: www www www www www www www www www www www www www www www
Rating: 3.8/5

More motifakes by Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus - November 5, 2009, 7:22 pm
Thanks for the votes, guys, and certainly for the comments. They're hilarious.
CANADA - November 5, 2009, 10:18 am
Mongo - November 5, 2009, 10:02 am
LOL...would you like new car scent or pine?
LogicDude - November 5, 2009, 9:56 am
Priceless! Now where did I lay that stethoscope?
Sean - November 4, 2009, 9:49 pm
Cool. I'm trading in my clip-board. What the hell was I thinking?
agdaniele - November 4, 2009, 9:18 pm
Problems at home, Random? This is what happens when you don't go to that Halloween party!
MrRandom - November 4, 2009, 9:15 pm
Here I am making jokes about a cheating girlfriend and a warm watermelon, and this comes along and truly becomes awesome. Excellent Bart.
Bartimaeus - November 4, 2009, 9:14 pm
Thanks, guys. Stuff like that is always good to hear.
spacedog - November 4, 2009, 9:11 pm
Excellent Bart. 5Ls
CANADA - November 4, 2009, 9:09 pm
5lions for 5! Perfect score!
Bartimaeus - November 4, 2009, 9:05 pm
God! the comments are hilarious. Thanks for the votes, guys. I'm glad you like it.
BoneCD - November 4, 2009, 9:00 pm
A lab coat from Dr. Seymour Bush
agdaniele - November 4, 2009, 8:57 pm
5L - welcome to the world!

NICE BRUNETTE - She Looks Alright She Looks Alright Dude You just checked out an old guy

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Rating: 3.48/5

More motifakes by Kohnel


TAGS: www www www www www www www www www www
Rating: 3.38/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

Sean - November 12, 2009, 2:34 am
That's beuatiful Bone, and it gives me the chance to utter a linguistic first: That dudes pussy is nicer that her pussy. *bows*
spacedog - November 11, 2009, 8:39 pm
LOL! 5Ls
agdaniele - November 11, 2009, 8:38 pm

GOING TOPLESS - You Idiots! We said Christina Hendricks! Don't you listen?

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Rating: 2.75/5

More motifakes by suenero

guyfox - July 18, 2010, 4:59 pm
I wish she would

BAKING CHOCOLATE - Not bacon chocolate you fool!

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Rating: 2.73/5

More motifakes by Silvermist

Silvermist - March 23, 2009, 11:07 pm
lol I haven't tried it because I can't digest meat, but my bf says that its very salty and sweet. Good in small doses.
HtD - March 23, 2009, 3:17 am
I have the urge to try this now.
Cubbybear - March 23, 2009, 3:01 am
Now dip the bacon in the chocolate for a yummy treat


TAGS: www www www www www www www www www www www
Rating: 2.47/5

More motifakes by giulio

Jmac0585 - June 19, 2009, 11:18 am
It was funnier when I said it. I think...

GRAMMAR - Learn it, dipshit

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Rating: 1.68/5

More motifakes by OwenCM

anon - March 9, 2009, 5:04 am
There is nothing grammatically incorrect about that sentence.

The Devils Playground -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Greybeard

Greybeard - April 1, 2014, 8:33 am
It will. I call it the "Congressional Theory"...
Reality Lord - April 1, 2014, 7:50 am

tru dat. let's hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears.

Mistaken Identity -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Ism

thecrotchetyoldcynic - July 3, 2013, 11:31 pm
I love this series; it's wonderful, they crack me up every time. I get my humor and my news all I'm one.
Ism - July 3, 2013, 5:45 am
:D yes... yes she is... justsay'n
thecrotchetyoldcynic - July 3, 2013, 2:12 am
ROFLMAO! This is hilarious! But all joking aside, she's very beautiful. By the way Ism, your mom says "Hi." 5 newsflashes.
GaryO - July 2, 2013, 8:18 pm
Note to self; s- -a- -v- -e the episodes…aaand get more grow lights, bless you brother Mooooooooooooooooooo
rerun - July 2, 2013, 7:02 pm

These are great, I think this is a 1st on this site....a series telling a story. Amsome
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 2, 2013, 6:59 pm
Gary, my soulmate. … I only watch DD when I've been partaking. I save the episodes for exactly that reason, it's SO much better.
Sho - July 2, 2013, 12:58 pm
These are a good combination of a unique style and creativity. 5L
GaryO - July 2, 2013, 9:01 am
Is it me, or are these getting even better? Only 5L…sorry Ism, it’s all I’ve been given. (Duck Dynasty goes r-e-a-l well with medicinal herbs BTW)

The Pastor's Teeth -

snafu -

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Rating: 4.92/5

More motifakes by Sho

CENSORS - The Ability To Police One Self Prior To Making A Public Mistake

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Rating: 4.92/5

More motifakes by rerun

forseti - May 26, 2010, 4:58 am
isn't that some kind of tunnel?!?*g* 4 to the origin, 5 to this!

An Affair To Remember -

Fettered -

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Rating: 4.91/5

More motifakes by spacedog

lgvernon - February 22, 2014, 1:15 pm

Great double-entendre in this one!~
GaryO - February 22, 2014, 12:50 pm

Precisely -

A Way Out -

TAGS: www www www www www
Rating: 4.82/5

More motifakes by LiquidAngel

LiquidAngel - February 10, 2014, 8:27 pm
thx, pretty good, although in need of a break from work
steve1961 - February 10, 2014, 11:48 am
Good one, Liquid...very demotivating. 5L. How've you been?

THE DAY AFTER - Actions taken in the heat of battle, may result in cold relations long after the war is won

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Rating: 4.63/5

More motifakes by holymoly

Zetmonk - February 18, 2012, 5:13 am
Just messing with you holymoly, the pic makes your intent perfectly clear.
holymoly - February 16, 2012, 10:03 am
I was thinking more like saying something during a fight that makes your point, but you regret it the next morning. I like your take on it though.
Zetmonk - February 16, 2012, 5:39 am
Like a one-night stand?


TAGS: www www www
Rating: 4.56/5

More motifakes by lgvernon

lgvernon - October 25, 2013, 10:50 am

Thank you Mr. Gary~~I was a little hesitant to post this one, but I figured Ms. Keller would probably have gotten a huge kick out of it. She was an amazing woman!~~Thanks, again~~
GaryO - October 25, 2013, 8:35 am
Dang, Vernon. Best LOL of the day. It's 5:40 AM and my Friday is already complete. 5L/Fav


TAGS: www www www www www www www www www
Rating: 4.39/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

BoneCD - March 30, 2010, 6:19 pm
Thanks guys
Airman - March 29, 2010, 4:27 pm
gonna have to give you 5 background checks Bone
agdaniele - March 28, 2010, 12:29 am
Pure gold.

DRINKING - Many times you cannot “undo” the mistakes made while drinking on a date

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Rating: 4.16/5

More motifakes by phydeaux

J1MBOB - May 19, 2011, 6:09 am
I'm with nitroid13 on this!
Greeny - March 24, 2011, 4:19 pm
Mopeds & Big Gals, they are both Dork Scooters
nitroid13 - March 24, 2011, 2:02 pm
id ride the f*ck out of that moped im sorry shes hot as hell
Mooooooooooooooooooo - March 22, 2011, 4:19 am
Fair enough....you know what they say about fucking a fat chick?...it's like riding a moped....fun 'till your friends find out.
nitroid13 - March 22, 2011, 4:02 am
not a joke!!!
nitroid13 - March 22, 2011, 4:02 am
id hit that stone cold sober and not think twice!!!!!!
phydeaux - March 20, 2011, 2:57 am
It's the "harder" part that's hardest, if you'll excuse the pun...
Cubbybear - March 19, 2011, 4:33 pm
You have to admit girls like this try harder when it comes to lovin'.

REENLISTMENT BLUES. - Do You Ever Remember That Moment When You Made The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life.


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Rating: 3.4/5

More motifakes by ronsart

Sean - July 17, 2009, 10:10 pm
Fish 'll put off dying for at least another century. I'm o.k. with that. He'll be our amabssador to the future.
RON - July 17, 2009, 10:10 pm
now does,nt these deaths come in 3,s?....so think Abe still on the list for NEXT...?
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 17, 2009, 9:59 pm
Yep Cronkite is gone but Abe still lives. Fish FTW!!!
agdaniele - July 17, 2009, 9:57 pm
VERY profound.
Sean - July 17, 2009, 9:56 pm
Procrastination can be lethal.
agdaniele - July 17, 2009, 9:55 pm
Old people are dying a lot lately!
Sean - July 17, 2009, 9:53 pm
What? Did something happen to Walter Crinkite? That bastard Abe Vigoda once quipped that he'd "bury that bastard" ... but we all kinda thought Abe was referring to George Burns.
agdaniele - July 17, 2009, 9:44 pm
You'd be asking the wrong person here.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 17, 2009, 9:43 pm
I was gonna make a Walter Cronkite joke. Is 2 hours too soon?
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 17, 2009, 9:31 pm
ooooh snap!
agdaniele - July 17, 2009, 9:29 pm
Tallulah Bankhead? You sure this wasn't a quote from Heath Ledger?
Sean - July 17, 2009, 9:16 pm
... only while disguising my identity with a more flattering brand of pantyhose. (C'mon! EVERBODY now. DO OVER the end part!)


A NEW CONCEPT - No Wonder Why the Republicans are hating on President Obama

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Rating: 2.88/5

More motifakes by Trapp

Greenvalv - June 9, 2009, 7:36 pm
Actually, Obama has admitted that the surge worked... he just takes credit for it now to save face.
WTFO - May 22, 2009, 12:46 am
He hasn't admitted that the surge in Iraq (that he voted against) worked, he hasn't admitted he was wrong about his attacks on rendition or wire tapping (that he is now using), he hasn't admitted that the "stimulus bill" was a complete scam, etc.
repoman - May 21, 2009, 1:23 am
because he has admitted the mistakes of appointing cabinet members who can't pay taxes, or not really closing down Guantanamo, or lying about cutting down the federal deficit...
Mark - May 13, 2009, 9:12 pm
I think that Trapp and LOLOLOL flunked out of 3rd grade English together. Obama doesn't admit his mistakes, only the perceived mistakes of others. What has he apologized for? Oh yeah...that's right...American arrogance.
WarpOS2 - May 13, 2009, 8:38 pm
The ballot box was shot by Bender looking for Fry.
LOLOLOL - May 1, 2009, 8:52 pm
I didn't like Bush and Obama is WAY better, he just began but at least he advanced troops to afganistan to take down terriorists at their hideout and pays attention to the econamy, Its sad Al Gore was never elected why? :'(

Trouble -

TAGS: www www
Rating: 2.62/5

More motifakes by Ernie

Toussaint - March 1, 2009, 10:02 pm
You know BHO had him down stairs at many, if not all, the big moments on his slithering to the presidency. BHO had him hidden out of camera shot. You know that man is still skulking about.
Mark - March 1, 2009, 2:16 pm
Well! Here's a poster I've never seen before. It seems that Ernie hasn't forgiven or forgot the Mesiah's past. So many others are judged by the friends they keep...but not BHO. "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain." Nice job Ernie = 5!

MISTAKE - Cramming to much text onto one line

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Rating: 2.27/5

More motifakes by Nick


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Rating: 1.78/5

More motifakes by SRD

FAIL! - when attempting to make an epic skittle, things go way wrong!

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Rating: 1.64/5

More motifakes by j0eBeSSleR

rondollins - March 25, 2012, 12:14 am
I gave a 1 because 0 wasn't available...keep trying

WTF - Lets all welcome our handsome new masters from Computerchipulai 8!

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Rating: 1.12/5

More motifakes by DeRka

pro - December 20, 2008, 9:27 pm
Is that the Borg cube? Who would have figured that in the end it would be the Swedes who would assimilate the universe!
Johnny R. - December 20, 2008, 2:38 pm
LOL, that's amazing and hilarious.

Play It Again Sam -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Greybeard

Greybeard - March 25, 2014, 12:45 am
Thank you. :)
Greeny - March 24, 2014, 7:17 pm
Very nice GB
Reality Lord - March 24, 2014, 12:02 pm



TAGS: www www www www
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by lgvernon

MissPriss - March 18, 2016, 8:45 pm
1 UPping the neighbours...dumbass style.
concern3 - March 18, 2016, 7:28 pm
It took me awhile, but I finally seen it. UP yours

Experience -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by MissPriss

MissPriss - July 3, 2015, 3:28 am
A pic taken at the annual Motifake BBQ. Think it was Rerun and JesusWept...teehee. Thanks mizz
mizzdizz - July 2, 2015, 11:39 pm
WOW! Where'd you find this excellent example of stupidity, Prissy? Thanks for sharing! LOL! 5L!

cede -

TAGS: www
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Sho

mizzdizz - May 7, 2015, 3:56 pm
Stubbornness to the point of stupidity! "There's a light . ." Rocky Horror lol! 5L

Well Behaved -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Greeny

MissPriss - June 14, 2015, 8:09 pm
5L dose of horse tranq' once they hit their late teens.
Reality Lord - June 11, 2015, 10:44 pm

BRUTAL! i love it :)


TAGS: www www
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by lgvernon

lgvernon - March 19, 2016, 12:17 pm

Not a twist, an actual quote I found, say w/o attribution. Thanks!
mizzdizz - March 19, 2016, 10:46 am
Nice twist on the 'purpose in life is to be a bad example'quote from a couple of years ago. I think I like this quote better! ^!!!!!

My first mistake -

Unforgivable -

TAGS: www www www www www
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by JesusWept

mizzdizz - October 22, 2015, 10:26 pm
WOW! Just how wasted do you have to be??????? ROTFL! 5 L!

Mistaken Impression -

My first mistake -

TAGS: www www
Rating: 4.67/5

More motifakes by Swampfox

BIRTH DATE - First clue that you may of been off a bit regarding your last period.

TSA Mistakes 2015 -

TAGS: www www www www www
Rating: 4.5/5

More motifakes by Ism

Third Date -

TAGS: www www www www www
Rating: 4/5

More motifakes by Onegin

Onegin - August 4, 2015, 10:20 am
Call me Princess so that I may explore my feminine side.
steve1961 - August 4, 2015, 12:35 am
So are you a king or a princess, Your Majesty? What should we call you?
Onegin - August 3, 2015, 11:35 pm
Certainly. I always try to appease my subjects. You may sing.
steve1961 - August 3, 2015, 3:16 pm
I guess so...:) As long as your Grace stays civil and polite to others here, I'll sing your praises, too...Deal?
Onegin - August 3, 2015, 12:03 pm
I guess my public must shout my praises even more loudly, from the rooftops even! After all, I do deserve it.
steve1961 - August 2, 2015, 3:45 pm
How are you*
steve1961 - August 2, 2015, 3:45 pm
Of course. I know arrogance and I also know someone trying to find their voice. But how are going to hear all the praise if you are shouting over it?
Onegin - August 2, 2015, 8:17 am
Well, thank you for your praise. I'll put it alongside the rest of the compliments I get every day.
GaryO - August 2, 2015, 7:44 am
Boy, Steve, that's a grand observation. However, turns out this puke is just delusional. No need to belabor. No cure or help for that.
steve1961 - August 2, 2015, 3:04 am
True stars never need to tell people how much they shine...People who are great at what they do have other people tell them that they are great...
Onegin - August 1, 2015, 10:47 pm
Certainly. It seems very chummy.
Onegin - August 1, 2015, 10:45 pm
My arrogance is very deserved. And don't brood. You are no longer jealous, only foolish.
steve1961 - August 1, 2015, 11:23 am
Well, that's eerie...
spacedog - August 1, 2015, 7:02 am
steve1961 - August 1, 2015, 6:36 am
Yvw...and thank you...I'm glad to have your kind of personality here...It's needed like fresh blood to a shark...A very sarcastic shark...but you're a friend...Mind if I call you "Chum"?
GaryO - August 1, 2015, 4:02 am
Heh, this is laughable. I’m gonna venture to say Onion here is a spoof member, a long time veteran posing as a noob. Awright, party’s ovary...you can come out now.
mizzdizz - August 1, 2015, 2:26 am
someone else. Your arrogance is appalling. I don't have time for that crap rookie. Maybe someone else will help you out. I'm done.
mizzdizz - August 1, 2015, 2:18 am
1gin, This is my last comment to you. I don't care how many bars I use to make it. First, controversy gets you instantly on the h o t list because of the # of comments generated. I know you're going to say I'm just jealous. So I say farewell. Talk to some
Onegin - July 31, 2015, 10:48 pm
Nothing can ruin my posters. They're works of art.
Onegin - July 31, 2015, 10:48 pm
It is funny. You're just jealous too.
Onegin - July 31, 2015, 10:47 pm
Gee, thanks.
mizzdizz - July 31, 2015, 5:21 pm
In this poster, you've got two different people talking. Naming them works. In the Carla posters, you've only got one person talking. Naming them is distracting and ruins the poster.
mizzdizz - July 31, 2015, 5:09 pm
In order to be really funny, the joke needs to match the action in the photo. He's obviously NOT talking booger no matter how hard you try. Go ahead. Try again rookie. This one ALMOST works.
steve1961 - July 31, 2015, 4:40 pm
Nah? As in no? Okee Dokee...Just remember, I did say "Peace" but some people just gotta say "Nah"...I love those kinda people...
Onegin - July 31, 2015, 8:15 am
Onegin - July 31, 2015, 8:15 am
steve1961 - July 30, 2015, 12:50 pm
Technically, it would be envy not jealousy and I would take Gary's advice,. The guy's been at this a long time. He has nothing to be envious about. The guy could show us all a thing or to. Please show him the respect that is his due. Peace.
Onegin - July 30, 2015, 9:50 am
Jealousy will avail you nothing.
GaryO - July 30, 2015, 12:01 am
Onegin, these last four posters have been pure torture. ICEMAN would have crucified you. Git off the obvious and bump it up.